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What is TPower

TLaunchpad is an IDO platform that empowers TKO holders with unique opportunities to gain exposure to blockchain projects. By staking TKO, the utility token of the Tokoverse, you generate TPower that increases your chances of successfully bidding for an IDO project on TLaunchpad.
TPower is determined solely by the number of TKO staked on TLaunchpad. The more TKO tokens you stake, the greater your TPower and the better your access to these exciting blockchain projects.
The minimum threshold to gain access into TLaunchpad is to stake 100 TKO. This grants you ONE entry ticket for each IDO you apply for. As your TKO stake increases, so do your number of entry tickets, and consequently, your chances of getting a successful IDO bid increase also.
Note that regardless of your TPower, you may only win once. While you may try to stake more TKO to gain a higher TPower and a higher chance of winning, your IDO application may only win once. In other words, multiple tickets may improve your chances of winning, but not your maximum allocation.
There is also TPower Tiering that helps the major TKO holders improve their chances of winning. The higher your TPower Tier, the greater the value of each individual ticket (worth 100 TKO).
  • 100+ TKO = Every ticket is worth 1 TPower (ticket)
  • 400+ TKO = Every ticket is worth 1.1 TPower (ticket)
  • 1,200+ TKO = Every ticket is worth 1.15 TPower (ticket)
  • 4,000+ TKO = Every ticket is worth 1.20 TPower (ticket)
  • 12,000+ TKO = Every ticket is worth 1.25 TPower (ticket)
NOTE: Only TKO staked on TLaunchpad are included in the calculation for TPower.