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KYC for TLaunchpad IDOs

Why we need KYC

We are requiring all participants who are eligible to become an allowlisted to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Going through a KYC process ensures every IDO participant has found a ‘fit’ for participation.
The process is also important in ensuring compliance with legal requirements so that all the whitelisted investors who are participated in the IDO sales are secure.
TLaunchpad does not, however, have any direct control or mandate over a project’s KYC requirements or process. Based on where projects are located, the composition of their organization, the design of the token, and more, each project will have different reasons for requiring KYC to ensure regulatory compliance. Each project may choose to restrict participants from certain countries because of a region’s crypto laws or status as a region at high-risk of fraud.

How Does the KYC Work

Here are the steps on how the investors will need to do doing the KYC verification using Fractal.id:
  • Once the investor is selected to become a potential allowlist, they will be asked to complete the KYC process by receiving the link thru their email/
  • Next, the investors need to come thru the KYC journey which includes document verification and liveness check.
  • Investors at the end will be receiving an email notification regarding their KYC verification status.
TLaunchpad maintains no control over this KYC process, and cannot require that KYC’d individuals from one IDO be automatically KYC’d for future IDOs — as each project retains the right for different, nuanced, and specialized KYC requirements.