How to participate for IDO

Step 1: Prepare your Digital Wallet

First thing first, the thing that you need to be able to participate in for any IDOs on the TLaunchpad is Digital Wallet. Currently, we are recommended to use Metamask as a default wallet. To download the Metamask extension for your browser, please click the link here. You will be also able to access the website thru the other digital wallet application from your phone such as Trust Wallet, SafePal, etc. By installing the wallet into your mobile device, you will be able to access the website thru the DApp browser that exists on the application.
Start off by checking which network the IDO is on (currently we only exist on the BSC network) and make sure that you have enough of the corresponding tokens to cover the network fees. For BSC Network, tokens that we might need for the whole IDO process are:
  • BSC Token: For paying all the gas fees needed for all events on the BSC network.
  • BUSD Token: Payment fee for all investments happened on the TLaunchpad website.
  • TKO Token: For the locking & unlocking process.
You can see the list of Available and Upcoming Projects on the Projects page. Every project has a little icon on the top right of each IDO card showing which network the sale is on. Some projects might have sales on multiple chains, so be sure to check which one you were allowlisted for exactly! Don’t know how to get funds on Binance Smart Chain? There are several exchange websites you can utilize.

Step 2: Verify your allowlist status

You can easily do that through our new Dashboard on the website. On the Your Applications section on the Dashboard page, you’ll be able to see the status of all the allowlist applications you’ve applied to.
You will need to follow some of the steps before you'll be able to be whitelisted and can join the IDO Sale party. Make sure you always check your project application sections. You'll be also notified in your mailbox every time your project status is updated. As soon as you see that you are whitelisted on the selected IDO, you can be sure that you will be able to participate in the sale once the countdown reaches zero.

Step 3: Prepare for the Token Sale

On the Project Page itself, you will be able to see the countdown of when the IDO sales will start. Make sure you are frequently checking the page or set a reminder to follow the IDO date on time! You will also be notified by the message on the top of the page if your wallet is selected and whitelisted for the project.
Make sure to connect your MetaMask wallet and double-check the network your wallet is set on while waiting. You should be on the appropriate network for the sale you participate in (currently we are only existing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Step 4: Join the Sale

When the countdown hits 0 and the sale has been started, you will be able to find the column for them to input the amount you wish to invest in the project.
Currently, on the website, you will need the BUSD coin to be able to do the investment on each project. You can enter the amount you would like to contribute and you will also be able to utilize the MAX button.
Do note: The amount that you input in here will be the amount of the project token instead of the price.

Step 5: Enjoy your new tokens!

After the investment has succeeded, you will be able to find all of your purchases under the Allocations page. Your new updates for successful participation in the sale will be shown. You should see something like this:
From here, once the sale is finished and the tokens were distributed, you can claim your tokens from this page and the project token will be distributed to your wallet!