Why participate in a TLaunchpad IDO as a project?

T-Launchpad is assuring that your projects will get the opportunity to get exposed and have the project backers aware of your projects and get more value of appreciation.

Low fee

As trading fee becomes a problem to investors, T-Launchpad is running on the Binance Smart Chain that offers you lowest fees on transaction. Compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain allows you to save more and cut the transaction fees for the convenience of investors. You can also double the profit and investment on T-Launchpad that you can't find in any other decentralized exchanges.

Setting up on T-Launchpad

By following these guides before using T-Launchpad, you will be all set on staking and raising capital. If you find any difficulties following the steps, you can simply follow the tutorials by choosing the links below:

Get BNB and TKO tokens

To get into Binance Smart Chain, you will need to hold BNB as the native token of BSC that will function as gas fees for your transaction on T-Launchpad. You can buy BNB on both DeFi or CeFi exchanges before buying any token. For staking, you will need to hold TKO token as the primary token to enter whitelisting of every project to-be-launched on T-Launchpad. TKO will then be utilized and converted into T-Power.