How Locking works

Right now, the Locking feature on TLaunchpad is available only on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). There are 3 main events during the locking process on the website which are:
  • Lock: The process when you convert your TKO into TPower.
  • Unlock: The process when you convert back your TPower into TKO.
  • Claim: The process when the TKO is sent back to your wallet.
Instead of keeping the TKO token on your wallets, locking in instead will give you additional benefits such as:
  • Immediately qualify to apply to new IDO allowlists by locking your TKO on the TLaunchpad website
  • You can withdraw any time you after being locked for 7 days.
  • The higher you lock your TKO, the higher chance you will get to be whitelisted on the projects you are interested in.
However, all events that you will be doing during the locking process will also have network fees.
For the conversion calculation, you can check it here.
Important: After locking, your TKO tokens will immediately turn into TPower, and it will also be locked for the next 7 days (instead of waiting for 7 days). And for the claiming process, you will be needed to wait for 7 days in order to make the token back to your own wallet.